Production M Filmproduktion

We shoot films for all media:    >> PLAY Trailer <<
Online, TV, Cinema – Every Medium has its own language and and every medium offers distinct opportunities for Communication.
This can also be seen in the TV-Spots we produced for various Brands:   >>


We shot a film for cinema with Academy Award Winner Morgan Freeman, which shows feature film storytelling in 90 seconds.    >>

Morgan Freeman

For SIEMENS we produced a web film,
which tells the story of a new technological product, like a quality TV series would.   >>


In cooperation with the Rock Band U2 we produced a film
that is shown in TV and online formats in 6 languages in more than 60 countries worldwide.   >>

Beautiful Day

For MTV we produced films that are a combination of music, film, and fashion.   >>


Our films don’t need 90 minutes to enfold, but tell the story in 90 seconds.   >>


We shoot 360° films that combine storytelling with interactive app programming.   >>

360 Grad

We shoot international Image Films, which can be cross-linked modularly.   >>

Every Medium has its own language and every brand has its Story.
Each of our Films tells a unique story.